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The Glass Company has provided glass services to Berrada Property for over seven years. Berrada Property’s has experienced rapid growth over those seven years. As a result, so has The Glass Company. We started out with (two men and a truck). We now have five technicians and five trucks. We have a diverse staff of technicians that reflects the community we serve. 

The growth of Berrada Property has subsequently provided us the ability to become 
(A Real Glass Company). We now have the capacity to actually compete in glass markets that serves Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. The competitors have enjoyed dominance of said markets for generations. 


Youssef (Joe) Berrada’s vision of providing affordable safe home environments for the underserved community in Milwaukee has given us the ability to hire people from within that same community. Our technicians come from a variety of backgrounds some of which would not be employed without the opportunities provided by Berrada Property.  I am encouraged by our diverse staff of challenged people transitioned into glass professionals.

I often wonder if we would have remained in business over the past two years had it not been for the service calls from Berrada Property.


       Steed Myles     

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Last Plumbing Inc has proudly been the preferred provider of all plumbing needs for Berrada Properties since 1999. We have had a very strong relationship with Joe dating back to my father Fred working side by side with Joe on his units . Since that time Berrada Properties has grown to the point that today I have multiple full time employees taking care of the properties.

Joe has helped me grow my business in multiple ways. I have learned over the years how much the people that live in the apartments really matter to him and everyone on his team. I am proud to be the Master plumber working side by side with everyone on the Berrada Properties team .

Aaron Last
Master plumber / commercial plumbing inspector #253038



BKH Electric started with one man and a pick up truck!  

I began working with Berrada Properties in July of 2012.  


 One day Joe Berrada and I had a meeting where we discussed his vision of changing neighborhoods and wanting to build a team.  Ironically, we both had some of the same goals which created a great working relationship. I admit I was hesitant to branch out on my own at first and I was told that I needed to think bigger.  I am happy to say that I took the advice and now BKH Electric is providing services throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. We have grown rapidly and now have an office, seventeen techs, vehicles, equipment, and office staff.


BKH Electric LLC has not only benefited from the job opportunities provided by Berrada Properties but also from the advice given from their key people.  It is great to work with people who genuinely want to invest in areas that others abandoned and growing up in areas like the ones that we serve gives you a true sense of accomplishment.  


BKH Electric LLC is grateful for the opportunities provided by Berrada Properties and we look forward to not only changing neighborhoods but, also changing the world.

Baron K. Hentz/Owner & Master Electrician 

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