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At Berrada Properties, we pride ourselves on providing quality living at affordable pricing.


We approach our business and clients with the singular goal of tenant comfort and satisfaction.

Family owned and operated, Berrada Properties, has more than 20 years of property management experience.

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"They are great. All of my maintenance issues are resolved right away and they keep it manicured and neat. Not loud, very friendly neighbors, and a safe place to raise children."


"When I called, I got directed to an agent right away, who then transferred me to someone who was able to set up an appointment for applications. Very polite and will work with your income!"


"I personally like where I live at Timmerman Terrace Apts. They keep it nice - just installed new bright lights outside, new windows and doors, a new roof. They keep the landscaping nice and the hallways locked and clean."


"They moved me into a new unit while my unit was being updated. I ended up staying in my new unit because it was just so nice. My kids love our new place."

Byron H. 

"I was looking for weeks to find a decent place. My friend sent me their number and I'm happy I ended up calling. I live in a studio and it's the best apartment I've had. I have more space than my last apartment."

Chantia G. 

"Maaaannn don't sleep on them. Berrada Properties has the best places hands down. I love my apartment."

Ty R. 

"I've been with them for 15 years. They took over my old building and at first I was worried and thought I should move. I didn't know what a new owner would be like. I'm happy I stayed and never left. Never had an issue living here."

Sharice W. 

"Great place! I live in one of the townhomes and I don't plan on moving anytime soon."

Whitney A. 


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